Bonded Abrasive

Bonded abrasives is a matrix of closed size abrasive grains pressed or moulded together with the help of vitrified, resinoid or rubber bonding material into a variety of shapes, like grinding wheel, honing stone etc. The matrix is fired at high temperature to provide a high strength bonding between the abrasive grains.

We specialize in manufacturing of a complete line of closed sized abrasive grains in various shapes, sizes and densities, etc. to perfectly fit any grinding application and working condition.

We Sharp grains are blocky sharp edges with low iron and silica content. Its high toughness & hardness (Mohs Hardness 9), excellent abrasion resistance, high corrosion resistance properties combined with cooler cutting characteristics, appropriate friability, multi-fracturing properties exposing sharp edges and self sharpening characteristics makes it an ideal raw material for the manufacturing of bonded abrasive for all applications.

Typical Applications

  • Ball grinding & ball lapping wheel
  • Rice polishing wheel
  • Gear grinding wheel
  • Cam grinding wheel
  • Crankshaft grinding wheel
  • Valve components grinding
  • Internal grinding wheel
  • Thin wheel
  • Tool room grinding wheel
  • Roll grinding wheel
  • Mounted pins
  • Centreless grinding wheel
  • Razor blade
  • Flute grinding
  • Bearing grinding wheel
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