ISHIKAWALITE” is a high class pumice stone which is superior in moisture absorbency, acoustic absorptivity, thermal insulation, humidity maintenance and fire resistance, and therefore ISHIKAWALITE can be put to various uses like: Material to extract residue, Material to develop a pesticide,A filtering material, Material for gardening, Light aggregate for construction or wall material.

Material to extract residue

  • ISHIKAWALITE can extract any slag on the surface of melt at casting and iron mill to ensure total pure melt. It also serves very well as anti-oxidant and heat-retaining material.Characteristics
  • ISHIKAWALITE can eliminate any slag and foreign materials in melt iron altogether and at one time.
  • Can make it easy to conduct operations in using pouring ladles, etc, by preventing reflection.
  • Can equally spread out on the surface of melt and prevent any slag and foreign materials from incorporating during the casting by gathering them.
  • Does not affect any substance of melted iron.
  • Easy to handle : Small amount for use at one time and no rising mine dust while scattering.
  • More useful than straws ashes and chaff in terms of storage management with the least space for keeping it.
  • Our product is available all seasons and there is no danger of a fire.
  • We produce this material in specialized factories in order for the quality to be stable.

The way in which this material is to be used:

Put ISHIKAWALITE onto dipper or scoop, bring them to near the surface of melted iron and scatter our product over it.While foaming, this material does the membrane of the surface of melted iron rapidly and equally, and then it combines with slag to form foaming substance.You put apart this forming substance catching with suitable attack. You can obtain normal melt iron.

The quantity consumed varies according to kind of the melted, pouring ladles, capacity of melting furnace and purpose of use. In general, please scatter approximately 0.3L to 0.6L of ISHIKAWALITE per 1t of the melted.

Don’t scatter heaps of our products such as straw ashes over the melt.


 Ingredient (chemical element)

 analysis (%)

 A ignition loss (lg.loss)


 Silicic anhydride (SiO2)


 Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)


 Iron oxide (Fe2O3)


 Calcium oxide (CaO)


 Magnesium oxide (MgO)


 Potassium oxide (K2O)


 Sodium oxide (NA2O)


 Titanium oxide (TiO2)


Absorption proportion 29.2% (JIS:R:A5208)
Porosity test 77.6% (ISHIKAWALITE №1) (JIS:R:2614)
PH test 5.5-6.5

Acid resistance test
60 Be sulfuric acid, Be sulfuric acid + concentrated nitric acid 2.3%…unchanged
30 Be sulfuric acid, Be sulfuric acid + concentrated nitric acid 2.3%…unchanged
ISHIKAWALITE is natural glass (SiO2), so it is extremely stable scientifically

Refractoriness SK3a (C1,140 ) (JIS:R:2204)
Thermal conductivity
180.5   0.280Kcal/mh
302.5   0.348Kcal/mh

Freezing test, leave the product at -20  during 24 hours…unchanged (JIS:A:5208)
Saturated permeation factor 2.5×10-2m/s

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