Coated Abrasive

Coated abrasives is a three component system consisting of abrasive grains adhering to the semi-flex backing like paper, cloth, fibre, plastic film etc with the help of resin or glue bond.

Coated Abrasive is manufactured as rolls which is then converted into different foams like belts, disc, flap disc, flap wheel & spindle mop, sheet & non- woven products.

KOWA specialize in manufacturing of a complete line of closed sized abrasive grains in various shapes, sizes and densities, etc. to perfectly fit any coated abrasive application and working condition.

KOWA Sharp Grains for coated abrasives are angular, sharp edged with high capillarity for instant adhesion to resin or glue bonds and electrostatic characteristics carefully monitored to provide consistent and reliable grain projection. The High hardness (mohs hardness 9) and toughness of the KOWA Sharp grains combined with the multi-fracturing property , self sharpening characteristics and cooler cutting characteristics of the grains makes it an ideal raw material for the manufacturing of coated abrasives for any application.

Typical Applications

Coated abrasives are used by hand or on machines, applications are extremely varied, at home and in industry for:

Fine finishes: hand sanding or polishing of wooden cabinets, car bodies primers, metals.

High precision operations: Optical lens polishing, magnetic head super-finishing.

Medium stock removal with portable or fixed machines: Floor sanding, disc grinding of metal, endless belts grinding of wood, metal, glass.

Heavy stock removal with wide (up to 3 m) belts on high power machines to grind stainless steel sheets or coils or to calibrate plywood or chipboard panels.

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